Use our votive glass holders to burn your beeswax votives correctly.

Do not burn votives free standing! Votive candles are to be burned in votive candleholders only and in a holder that is close to the size of the votive. Votives are best burned continuously to burn most of the beeswax. Votives need to create a pool of wax while burning, so should have a continuous burn of about four hours rather than burning for short periods of time. Burning for short periods of time creates tunneling and will leave a lot of beeswax around the edge. Place votive and holder on fireproof surface. The wick is best straightened while warm so it doesn’t break off too close to the wax. After blowing out the flame and the wax has congealed, straighten the wick while the wick is still warm. Votive container should be free of residual wax & wick tabs before placing in the new votive. You can clean your votive glass by placing in the freezer overnight and then gently tapping out the residual wax. Take care not to cut yourself if you break the glass. Or, you might place votive glass in an old pie tin and heat in the oven @ 175*F for about ½ hour. Use care so as not to burn yourself.

Small Glass Votive Holders, Clear and Frosted White - Ideal  for our 10 Hour and 15 Hour Votives


Small Glass Tapered Votive Candle Holders

Availale in Three Colors:  Clear, Frosted White, Light Amber

Inside Dimensions:  2 1/8" Tall x 1 7/8" Wide at the Top  x 1 1/2" at the Bottom

Ideal for our Small 10 Hour Votives and our Medium 15 Hour Votives

Large Colored Glass Votive Holders

Colored Glass Tapered Votive Candle Holders

Available in SevenColors: Red, Dark Amber, Green, Purple, Frosted White, Blue, Clear

Inside Dimensions:  2 5/16" Tall x 2" Wide at the Top  x 1 1/2" at the Bottom

Ideal for  our Medium 15 Hour Votives, Large 20 Hour Votives and Extra Large 24 Hour Voltives



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