100% Pure USA Beeswax

Cute bear and beehive candles handmade by Beeswax Candle Works in Cottage Grove, Oregon come in three sizes of bears and four sizes of beehives. Pure natural beeswax and cotton wicks are the makeup of these candles. Beehive is also known as a skep. The beehives in use today for collecting honey in the United States are mostly made from wood. Skep is in reference to the old fashioned beehive that was constructed from straw. As with all of the other candles that Beeswax Candle Works makes, we use only local 100% pure USA beeswax and no other waxes. Please enjoy!

Beeswax small skep or beehive
Beeswax Beehive Small

Pure 100% Beeswax

100% beeswax medium beehive candle
Beeswax Beehive Medium

Pure 100% Beeswax

Pure beeswax bear and hive candles
Bear and Hive

Pure 100% Beeswax

Baby bear 100% pure beeswax candles
Beeswax Baby Bear

Pure 100% Beeswax

Pure beeswax cute teddy bear candle
Beeswax Teddy Bear

Pure 100% Beeswax

Large 100% beeswax beehive candle
Beeswax Beehive Large

Pure 100% Beeswax


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