100% Pure USA Beeswax

Our pillar 2nds are have a cosmetic flaw and are made with 100% pure beeswax. These pillar clearance candles have the same burn time as our beeswax pillar firsts.

Check out our beeswax clearance page for discontinued candles.

Pure beeswax solid pillar 2nds
Beeswax Pillar Round 8.5" Tall x 2.5" Wide / 2ND

Pure 100% Beeswax

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Was: $34.75
Now: $29.75 On Sale
Pure beeswax 2nd, 6 inch by three inch
Beeswax Pillar Round 6" Tall x 3" Wide / 2nd

Pure 100% Beeswax

Qty in Stock: 2
Was: $33.95
Now: $28.95 On Sale

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Pure beeswax bear and hive candles
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