100% Pure USA Beeswax

Our Easter beeswax candle page gives you an assortment of bunny, carved egg and angels. Our candles are poured using only 100% natural pure beeswax and hand made in Cottage Grove, Oregon by Beeswax Candle Works, Inc. Please take a look at our honeycomb candles which make an exceptionally beautiful center piece for your Easter table.

100% beeswax carved egg candle
Beeswax Carved Egg Candle

Pure 100% Beeswax

Pure 100% beeswax cute angel candle
Beeswax Angel Cute

Pure 100% Beeswax

Large angel candle made from 100% pure USA beeswax
Beeswax Angel Large

Pure 100% Beeswax

Bunny candle made with 100% pure beeswax
Beeswax Bunny Candle

Pure 100% Beeswax

Clearance candles - blue beeswax bunny candle
Beeswax Bunny Candle Clearance - Plum

Pure 100% Beeswax

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Medium 100% beeswax tree
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